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Lydia Lithium [Nov. 11th, 2006|10:41 pm]
Friday, November 10, 2006

Current mood: discontent

So I never really let anyone into what I'm thinking or feeling, it's pretty much my mode of operation. I mean it's pretty pointless anyways cuz I have a hard time making up my mind on WHAT I want. Regardless, I'll give it a shot...

It's strange to me that I have no interest in what other people want because I would hate to lock myself in a situation that would make me miss an opportunity to realize my dreams. On the other hand, I am bound to a situation that is definately going to make everything I ever wanted come true, but at the cost of never really being able to get as close to the people I want to get close with. It really leaves me torn.

Sometimes it frustrates me to be this person that tries to keep everyone at arms length cuz I know it might destroy this very fragile situation I have going for me. I try so desparatley to find different angles and different ways to make everyone in my life happy, but in the end I know they'll walk away. I'm a slave to my vision and it's consequences. I know it's what I was made to do and in the end it will pay off and I will be satisfied...it's just the time in between that's driving me to insanity.

There, a look into my jaded warped mind...does anyone even read this???

Currently listening :
Hurt Me
By Johnny Thunders
Release date: By 18 October, 1994

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Current mood: enthralled

So I just got finished filming my first offical music video this weekend. Talk about fun!! The concept of the video was created by the team at Specter Studios and myself. Basically it follows the storyline of the bad (which I consider good) 80's horror movie "The Video Dead".

Lot's of Zombies coming out of the T.V. killing the band, rockin out as Zombies, singin on top of a short bus and me eventually being eaten by 10 or so Zombies...Ahhh finally my dreams are coming true, ha ha. We did it all in the cheese ball style of the early 80's music videos..ie "white wedding" and "our loves in jeopordy". So it will be entertaining and have that awesome quirkiness about it that I love so much.

It should be edited and will air on Castle Blood"s horror movie show late Oct. early Nov. I'll keep everyone posted cuz this shit is gonna be good!!

Kudos to the boys in the band...I never knew the rock gods that were lurking inside them. Ya know you gotta watch those quiet one's!!!

Currently listening :
Throbbing Gristle - Greatest Hits
By Throbbing Gristle
Release date: By 13 November, 1990

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Current mood: jubilant

It was cool Thursday night. I was on vacation and being shown about town by a friend. We had gone to several bars and endulged in several cocktails at each. Trying to make sure they covered all the bases, they asked if I wanted to ride the mechanical bull inside the country bar with a laugh. I then turned to them with all seriousness in my voice and said, "Uh yeah!" So we went inside...

The greatest thing was that they knew the D.J. and instead of having to ride it to country, I got to ride it to Guns and Roses "Rocket Queen". Now if you have never rode a mechanical bull let me give you some advice: Don't be drunk and don't wear a skirt.

My drunken bull ride started off ok, but increasingly got more intense... most likely cuz the ultimate goal is to get the girl with the skirt to fly off the bull...for obvious reasons. I was holding my own, for a second and loving it! I only slid off once but got back on like a champ only to do a slight face plant into the bull's back a couple seconds later. Which resulted in my earring flying out and my necklace falling off. I probably stayed on for 45 seconds more and fell off and stayed off. The bull wins...I stagger away.

I'm still harboring the following injuries as a result of my battle: 2 sore forearms, 2 sore legs, 1 a sore ass, 1 a sore jaw (face-plant remember) and about 20 bruises on my inner thighs... 4 days later.

So you ask "would I challenge the bull again?"...and my answer is "HELL YA!!" The Ricker will prevail one day!!!

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Current mood: devious

Now that I'm an old bitch I need to stop pissin' around and get some shit done so here's...


1.) Be a scream queen in a B-rate horror movie

2.) See what's behind the doors of the funhouse I freaked and ran out of in Niagra falls when I was 8.

3.) Have an art show of my different interpretations of the easter lamb cake.

4.) Make the two documentaries I've been dying to make...can't tell you it would ruin the surprise!

5.) To have a band that is worthy of worship

6.) Have an album, go on tour, and make a video with that band

7.) Get some bitches to do "Lydia Lithium's Rock n Roll Revue" with me

8.) Go to England/Europe someday

9.) Start a girl gang...with jackets and all

10.) Own a lynx coat

11.) Do make-up within the film industry

12.) Create my own make-up line for pale ass people like myself

13.) Have a barbie made of myself

14.) Learn to play my accordian

15.) Win a substantial amount of money off a scatchy lottery ticket

16.) Own the world's largest collection of flouresent clothing and sequined dresses

17.) Win a food eating competiton

18.) Have a driver

19.) Write a book that gets published

20.) Own a nightclub and/or clothing store

21.) Commision one of those ridiculous fireplace paintings of me holding whatever cat I own at the time

22.) Accomplish my on-going mission to find the world's most delicious pizza

23.) Own a Sting-ray and make it into the Death Race 2000 car.

24.) Have a midget servant named Shaka Chan to fetch me Diet Cokes

25.) Start getting tattoos and piercings, manic panic my hair, and wear only spandex mini skirts when I'm 65 and run around pinching young boys asses and saying " grammy loves you!"

26.) Own a Harley Davidson Tri-wheeler customized to look like the Munster's car

27.) Return all the money I've borrowed from people

28.) Find a place I like to live and stay there

29.) Fall in love and stay in love

30.) Be somebody's last....

Currently listening :
New Hope for the Wretched
By Plasmatics
Release date: By 16 September, 1998

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